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Dragon King's Son-In-Law
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NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 451 gamy damp
Hao Ren stepped into a puddle .
Pittpatter… It began to drizzle away from cla.s.sroom .
The Battleship Boys’ First Step Upward
“Many thanks! Uncle!” Xie Yujia obtained out of your vehicle and observed a bit difficult .
“Forthcoming, Grandma!”
“Thank you, Grandmother!” Xie Yujia and also the other three women claimed simultaneously .
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“Oh! It’s not like that,” Hao Ren responded to hurriedly .
Hao Zhonghua started off his Ford and pa.s.sed Yue Yang’s Ford .
He just couldn’t discover why Zhao Yanzi, who got gotten to Zhen-degree thereby was meant to be a skilled woman, could well be so very poor in her studies . He attributed it to her inattention to her cla.s.ses .
It appeared to have practically nothing concerning the expression . The learning ability network system of the Dragon G.o.d Shrine possessed spread to destinations above Fifth Paradise, and its capability in collecting info was exceptional .
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“Great, Grandma!” Zhao Yanzi solved prior to when the some others .
“Oh yeah! It’s nothing like that,” Hao Ren solved hurriedly .
“Women, an evening meal is ready!”
He glanced within the back end-see match on his side and couldn’t see Yue Yang’s Ford ever again .
Arm to arm, they went toward Scholastic Creating C with thoughts considering on their thoughts, but neither of them want to write about their opinions collectively .
It turned out noticeable to Hao Ren that his families were definitely in a very ice cold warfare .
Women, dinner time is prepared! Grandma called outside the lounge . Returning, Granny! Coming from the areas downstairs and upstairs, Lu Linlin, Lu Lili, Xie Yujia, and Zhao Yanzi came out almost as well . In their own ap.r.o.n, Granny couldnt end smiling . Zhen Congming yawned while he went away from his home with Little Bright white adhering to him very closely . Hao Ren went downstairs in the subsequent floorboards dressed in a shorter-sleeved s.h.i.+rt . Are available and actually eat zongzi! Grandmother brought the women on the table and placed chopsticks before them . Appreciate it, Grandma! Xie Yujia as well as the other three young girls explained all together . The tooth fillings are duck ovum and clean pork . Every one of you must eat at least two zongzi, or youll get eager! Granny smiled and required, How were your sleeps last night? Really good, Grandma! Zhao Yanzi addressed until the many others . That is very good! Granny nodded with gratification . Ren, you are a little person and should eat three not less than three zongzi! Ok… Hao Ren sat at the table and sighed helplessly as he found that this zongzi were as big as fists . Very little Bright white, are available! You eat a zongzi as well! Grandma place a small serving on the ground and unwrapped a tiny zongzi before adding it in the bowl . Minimal White-colored sniffed at it and determined that this didnt desire to try to eat it . This pet is picky . Grandmother patted Minor Whites mind casually . Minor White, be great! Xie Yujia urged . Reluctantly, Very little Bright white reduced its mind and began to nibble at the zongzi . In the event it was halfway throughout the dumpling, it identified something diffrent besides meat! It was actually an Essence Combination Supplement! It was actually a kind of elixir product that had been most fitted for soul beasts because it could boost the nature beasts shape and accelerate their progress . Exhilarated, Little Whites eyes illuminated up and swallowed the remainder of the zongzi . It searched up at Grandma expectantly, dreaming about another . However, Grandmother identified as out, Zhonghua, Yue Yang, push the youngsters to education! Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang each individual drove a bright Ford for the gate of your home, beckoning at them . Thank you so much, Auntie! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili jogged through and acquired in Yue Yangs automobile before the many others . Auntie! Zhao Yanzi jumped into Yue Yangs motor vehicle . Definitely, Yue Yang loved her in excess of Hao Zhonghua . Xie Yujia really helped Granny to clean out up before wandering out and achieving into Hao Zhonghuas motor vehicle . Hao Ren followed her within the auto at the same time . Stretches, Zhen Congming also have into Hao Zhonghuas automobile . Yue Yang got a new bright Ford . With four participants in the household, an individual auto has been ample for these people . Nevertheless, using the improve on the non permanent and long term residents currently in their own home, just one vehicle could not any longer meet the needs of your household . Resulting from yesterdays bad weather, the street was slick, along with the Ford powered by Yue Yang, who had been not a incredibly skillful person, was immediately left out by Hao Zhonghuas Ford . Last night, I had a smallish issue along with your mother, Hao Zhonghua said while he drove your vehicle . Huh? Hao Ren made to consider Hao Zhonghua . In excess of some small stuff . Hao Zhonghua shook his head and viewed Xie Yujia who was relaxing in the back chair from the back end-perspective match . Yujia, can you the You . S . for any summer season break up? Ah? Surprised, Xie Yujia nodded . Erm… Im required to check out my families in the You . S . Hao Ren considered think back at Xie Yujia, but he remained calm . Xie Yujia neglected her mother and father from the You . S . , and it also was normal on her to keep them firm through the summer vacation . Ren, do you desire to choose Yujia? Hao Zhonghua requested unexpectedly . Ugh? Hao Ren looked at Hao Zhonghua in surprise . Yujias parents maintained you if you ended up minor, and they hoped you could pay a visit to them from the U . S . , Hao Zhonghua ongoing . Oh… Hao Ren hesitated . Arent Yujias mom and dad pretty busy because of their organization? Their industrial facilities recruited several leaders . Other than, their organization is usually slow in July and August, and they are generally not active in that time, Hao Zhonghua claimed . Ability to hear his fathers phrases, Hao Ren converted to view Xie Yujia and nodded . Ok . Sick go and stop by them . Ok… Hao Zhonghua nodded with gratification . Ill bring several days off and choose you . Isnt Mommy proceeding? Hao Ren requested immediately . She… Hao Zhonghua tightened his proper grip over the controls and reported, She is going to be hectic, so i dont assume she will consider anytime off once the finish of June . Oh… Hao Ren didnt question any more inquiries . He glanced within the back-look at vanity mirror on his section and couldnt see Yue Yangs Ford nowadays . When Hao Zhonghua fallen off Zhen Congming at the gate of LingZhao Primary School, Hao Ren who had been being placed in the pa.s.senger seat noticed a bright white Ford discontinued at LingZhao Mid College not definitely not them . Vivacious Zhao Yanzi have from the white Ford and waved with the car owner enthusiastically . Whoos.h.!.+ Hao Zhonghua started his Ford and pa.s.sed Yue Yangs Ford . It had been evident to Hao Ren that his mothers and fathers were definitely inside a cool conflict . About ten minutes after, Hao Zhonghua drove Hao Ren and Xie Yujia to your entrance of Eastern side Seas University . Thank you so much! Granddad! Xie Yujia acquired right out of the auto and experienced a little uncomfortable . Father, get protected! Hao Ren thought to Hao Zhonghua . I will! Hao Zhonghua waved at him before converting the white colored Ford smoothly toward the path of the Seashore Study Inst.i.tute where he worked . Status before the institution door, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia looked over the other with embarra.s.sment . Enables go . The 1st cla.s.s is going to get started on! Xie Yujia stated . Okay! Hao Ren changed quickly and strode into university . Shoulder to arm, they walked toward Scholastic Creating C with views evaluating on their heads, but neither of them planned to share their opinions with one another . The grounds street was damp and brimming with puddles . Whilst they went round the puddles, they observed the reflections of them walking shoulder joint to shoulder blades in the water . Whether its not simple on your behalf, you dont have to go and visit my moms and dads, Xie Yujia said in a very low voice . Oh! Its nothing like that, Hao Ren solved hurriedly . There are lots of issues that I havent informed them, Xie Yujia reported again inside a very low voice . For instance? Hao Ren questioned tentatively . As an example, I havent shared with them i that you, Xie Yujia said . Splas.h.!.+ Hao Ren stepped into a puddle . He changed to see Xie Yujia and saw her concept didnt alter . Internet marketing just kidding . My parents skip you also . Xie Yujia quickened her actions and went into Academic Establishing C . Following flicking the water off his shoes or boots, Hao Ren hurriedly entered the Educational Creating C just after her . They went upstairs on the 3 rd surface and entered cla.s.sroom 312 . Their cla.s.smates possessed become employed to viewing them visiting cla.s.s with each other . Of course, in everyones eye, Hao Ren was Xie Yujias partner, plus they had been an standard married couple . There was two vacant seats at the front row in the cla.s.sroom . Despite the fact that Zhou Liren who has been relaxing during the last row waved at Hao Ren enthusiastically, Hao Ren adopted Xie Yujia, and they also sat from the two empty chairs at the front row . d.a.m.n! You overlook your buddies when youre with the lover! Zhou Liren muttered, ignoring the truth that he himself would without delay ditch his buddies on the view of gorgeous girls . Pittpatter… It started to drizzle away from the cla.s.sroom . The scholars who got just given back from your Dragon Watercraft Festivity holiday getaway were actually all drained as the educator for the platform was talking about the summary to the finished examination . Xie Yujia borrowed Ma Linas remarks and started to copy them earnestly while Hao Ren checked up and listened very carefully . Right after attaining Gen-amount, not only his farming toughness became, but his IQ knowledgeable a growth too . He grasped almost everything the instructor stated even though the tricky systems in the mechanical parts required structure within his thoughts promptly . He just couldnt see why Zhao Yanzi, who had hit Zhen-levels and therefore was supposed to be a blessed young lady, would be so very poor in their scientific tests . He attributed it to her inattention to her cla.s.ses . Really the only noises inside the cla.s.sroom were the teachers sound along with the marring seems on paper as individuals got remarks . Out of doors, the drizzle laundered the dirt away from the blooms and gra.s.ses, doing the reddish and green shades far more energetic . Unexpectedly, he recollected the inspectors expression that he experienced tossed into his pendant . He required it immediately and hooked up it into a string on his waistline . Come to my business if the cla.s.s is over . Su Hans sound sounded all of a sudden . Alright! Hao Ren resolved without delay . All the other university students along with the educator considered Hao Ren who possessed spoken out of the blue . Ugh… Practically nothing . Hao Ren reduced his top of your head slowly but surely . He was still not utilized to benefiting from announcements from Su Han over the token . How was your journey to Sixth Paradise? Su Han requested . How were you aware that I visited Sixth Heaven? Hao Ren expected in big surprise . Of course, it had been easy to talk without opening up his mouth, but he experienced a peculiar feeling just as if Su Han was currently in his cardiovascular . Do you think the Dragon G.o.d Shrine doesnt know anything you do? Su Han claimed coldly .   Hao Ren was stunned the fact that Dragon G.o.d Shrine still realized his whereabouts just after he placed the expression, similar to a monitor, into his storing s.p.a.ce which may disconnect nature essences and divine detects . It seemed to have almost nothing regarding the expression . The learning ability circle with the Dragon G.o.d Shrine possessed pass on to places above Fifth Paradise, as well as its capacity in gathering data was phenomenal . I just now looked around on 6th Paradise . What exactly are you accomplishing? Hao Ren asked . Regardless how highly effective the cleverness group was, Hao Ren thought that it was unable to enter the Ethereal Summit, which resulted in the valley on 5th Heaven was absolutely his personal territory . Internet marketing having green tea and creating, Su Han said . I see . Hao Ren could picture the scenario of Su Han creating in her own company . At a stormy working day in this way, Su Han would appearance especially charming though she sat for the home window . If its easy for you… Su Han out of the blue sounded hesitant . Can you request Xie Yujia to help make two far more Charm Drugs to me? You want them for an individual? Hao Ren asked . For myself . They may be really productive My skin got smoother immediately after I took it, Su Han responded to . Ugh… Hao Ren decreased his brain in exasperation .
“That’s fantastic!” Grandma nodded with gratification . “Ren, you are a younger mankind and should try to eat three a minimum of three zongzi!”
About 10 mins later on, Hao Zhonghua drove Hao Ren and Xie Yujia into the gate of East Beach College .
“Little White-colored, occur! You eat a zongzi very!” Grandma place a tiny pan on to the ground and unwrapped a smallish zongzi before adding it to the container .
“I merely searched around on 6th Heaven . What are you carrying out?” Hao Ren expected .
“How was your journey to Sixth Heaven?” Su Han expected .
Regardless of how potent the learning ability network system was, Hao Ren believed it turned out not able to permeate the Ethereal Summit, which resulted in the valley on Fifth Heaven was absolutely his private territory .
“Go to my company whenever the cla.s.s has ended . ” Su Han’s voice sounded suddenly .
When it was halfway over the dumpling, it uncovered something else furthermore meats!
“Oh…” Hao Ren hesitated . “Aren’t Yujia’s parents incredibly occupied with the organization?”
“Ok…” Hao Zhonghua nodded with pleasure . “I’ll take two or three days off and opt for you . “
“If it’s not easy to suit your needs, you don’t will need to go and pay a visit to my parents,” Xie Yujia said in a very small tone of voice .
“Ugh?” Hao Ren looked at Hao Zhonghua in big surprise .
Arm to shoulder joint, they walked toward School Building C with feelings with a weight of on their minds, but neither of these wished to reveal their views collectively .
“Okay!” Hao Ren solved right away .

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