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Chapter 330 slave pear
The little palace where Zhao Yanzi was grounded is at the very rear, way off the grand palace . Given that they were banned to take flight within the dragon palace, Hao Ren walked for up to 30 minutes with Leading Xia right before they gotten to Zhao Yanzi’s ‘small black color room’ .
Unlocking two openings a single nighttime, needless to say, he got a terrific facial skin . Even so, in Zhou Liren’s view, it were built with a several which means, especially if he found Xie Yujia’s tone acquired already been superb fairly recently .
There were high walls around the palace, and members of the military guarded the walls . It was subsequently impossible for Zhao Yanzi to emerge from .
Zhao Hongyu considered it could be a fun time for them to get much closer . Regardless of the latest situation, she liked Hao Ren and didn’t need to work too coldly toward him .
“How are his games lately?” Hao Ren required him casually .
But Hao Ren was faster than her, catching her hand instantly .
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“The incident concerning your devastation of 50 % of the Western Water Dragon Palace is growing to every nook on the dragon palace . Some applauded you, and some disapproved of the impulsiveness . The majority of them are saying which the flame on the West Sea Dragon Palace is distributing for the Eastern Seas Dragon Palace . Hehe, probably my aged ears have been taking part in techniques on me, but I appear to be to… have heard a few of the purple-robed mature elders saying stripping your reputation when the Fuma to end the emergency . “
On a lawn beyond the bedroom was really a wood made container containing dinners . Naturally, Zhao Yanzi was still annoyed and refused to have .
“It’s alright, Most recognized Xia . You can find back to operate . ” Hao Ren smiled at Highest regarded Xia .
“From the modest palace from the back end,” The best Xia claimed humbly .
“Humph! Humph!” Zhao Yanzi snorted loudly .
“Humph,” Zhen Congming snorted . If he hadn’t been living in Hao Ren’s house and dialling Hao Ren ‘big brother’, he wouldn’t have presented almost anything to Hao Ren .
Though Zhao Yanzi was grounded from the East Sea Dragon Palace, he has been thinking of her for the whole day .
Even so, Hao Ren didn’t know the brain of young girls and had no idea if she was content or angry deep inside .
Instantly, Highest regarded Xia walked over and elevated Hao Ren’s palm .
Standing beyond the palace, Highest regarded Xia p.r.i.c.ked his ears and observed the bewildering thoughts of “by^2+2x+1” . However he didn’t fully understand a word than it, he relaxed realizing that the princess was safe .
Zhou Liren checked upset, although he obtained not estimated Hao Ren know about Su Han’s scenario .
“Don’t pout . When you are grounded, you could take the time to review to your tests . ” Hao Ren relocated the dinner table between your chair and the bed furniture and exposed the workout reserve .
“Humph! Humph!” Zhao Yanzi snorted loudly .
Zhen Congming idea for a long time and drawn his institution bag from his the shoulders before you take out a dark box from his case .
The surrounding was even smaller compared to the short-term bedroom she is in last time when she is at the Eastern Seashore Dragon Palace . There is one particular bed furniture, 1 office chair, one particular modest rectangular desk, as well as a side entrance resulting in the little yard from the again .
The potency of an individual Core Structure Kingdom cultivator was just about equivalent to that of a troop of 30,000 to 50,000 members of the military, as well as insignificant final results about the baseball court could no more attract his consideration . Nevertheless, knowing the outcomes of the satisfies, he was pleased for his very good mate Zhao Jiayi .
“Hi! Hi!” Zhou Liren b.u.mped Hao Ren in reference to his elbow . “That you are near with Su Han, correct? Did you know when she is going to come back to train us?”
Zhen Congming considered for some time and drawn his education handbag from his shoulders before taking out a black package from his tote .
He realized exactly what he should and shouldn’t say . Even so, Most recognized Xia was grateful to Hao Ren’s truthfulness towards him and chose to supply him with some suggestions .
“d.a.m.n! They entered the nationwide quarterfinals! How will you sound so relaxed about it!” Zhou Liren pretty much yelled . Finding the trainer on the system glance their way, he immediately decreased his go .
Talking about what went down, Hao Ren’s grandmother also had taken in Zhen Congming as being a grandson soon after giving him for a few weeks . Thus, Hao Ren naturally started to be his more mature sibling .
Zhao Yanzi glared at him and drew back again her palms ahead of searching for fiercely . “After I move out, I’ll educate Xie Yujia a session!”
“Many thanks . ” Hao Ren put the carton in his pocket .
“The incident concerning your destruction of part of the West Water Dragon Palace is scattering to each nook on the dragon palace . Some applauded you, and some disapproved from your impulsiveness . A lot of them are saying the fact that fireplace within the To the west Water Dragon Palace is dispersing into the Eastern Beach Dragon Palace . Hehe, could be my older ears were actually performing methods on me, however i appear to be to… have often heard many of the purple-robed older elders advising stripping your standing when the Fuma to end the emergency . “
Standing away from the palace, The best Xia p.r.i.c.ked his the ears and been told the baffling phrases of “by^2+2x+1” . Even though he didn’t recognize anything of it, he comfortable acknowledging that the princess was safe .
“There are actually 72 dharma banners made using yellow gold basis plus a dharma platter manufactured from heavy seas crystals . The collection made using them ought to keep out Gen-point cultivators,” Zhen Congming explained confidently while he set the package into Hao Ren’s fingers .
On the floor outside the bedroom had been a solid wood field comprising meals . Definitely, Zhao Yanzi was still mad and refused to eat .
“In the little palace in the back end,” Most recognized Xia claimed humbly .
Hao Ren sat up and checked toward the front row . Xie Yujia was making notes together mind lowered, unveiling the back of her white-colored neck area beneath her black color curly hair .

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